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hand-tended organic fruit tasting like real fruit should

Yes! We still have peaches this last weekend of August!

As we close in on the end of peach season,  full fall harvest is beginning. We’ll bring you the stunningly gorgeous peaches which have taken all this time to grow, plus lots of apples and pears. Heirloom tomatoes are in bursting with fall flavor. We even have some of our most fun organically grown heirloom varieties of apples to pick this year which will be ripening soon. Please come out to the markets early and sample something fresh and new!

We’ll have tastes of all our fruit waiting for you to sample, so
come out to any of these farmer’s markets and say hi!

Everyone has been enjoying them on the farm, and we’ve been delighted by the creations various chefs are coming up with using our tree-ripened peaches.

  If you haven’t yet tried grilling them, the result of slow heat is a lip-smacking caramelized glaze. Because they are all freestone peaches from here on out, they are easy to slice in half, pull out the pit, put in a dollop of a soft cheese (ricotta, chevre, you choose!) cover with a large basil or shiso leaf, and grill! A drizzle of balsamic vinegar or 1/2-1/2 honey/lime juice adds a savory piquant finish.

As always, we guarantee everything we sell so if we don’t hit the mark on something, please let us know.

Enjoy the bounty of summer and
we hope to see you at the markets this weekend!.


Located on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains outside of Hotchkiss, Colorado, our ninety-nine acre organic fruit farm is dedicated to growing the best-tasting peaches, apples, pears, plums, cherries, and heirloom tomatoes around.  We are the only certified organic, fourth generation orchard in the Rocky Mountain West – the mouth-watering fruit we grow is the result of generations of farming wisdom, innovation, and experience.

All our products are certified organic. They are made from fruit we grow on our family farm. We only use fruit picked at its peak of flavor. And, best of all, we don’t add any sugar or other flavorings to our great tasting applesauces, fruit butters, and cider. For our jams, we use a reduced sugar recipe that lets you taste our fruit.

We ship our organic fruit gift packs throughout the country, sell directly at farmers markets on the Front Range, and sell wholesale to specialty food stores and gourmet restaurants throughout Colorado. From “Oh-my-god” delicious peaches (a phrase we hear often at our markets) and crisp, munchable apples to our tempting line of organic jams, sauces, dried fruit, and applesauce, we are growers who hang our hat on outstanding flavor.

We invite you to use this site to learn more about us, read about our family farming heritage in the history section, and find some great recipes. If you’re here for fruit, head right to the “find our fruit” or “fruits we grow” pages; or order one of our fantastic fruit gift packs. You can also learn of the farmers markets, CSA’s (community supported agriculture), and retailers where we sell our fresh fruit and see what people are saying about us.

Thanks to Bill Powers for original music, and to
Joe Baran and Mignon Macias for video.

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