Photo by Hillary Dickman

Photo by Hillary Dickman – Ela Fruit

Become a CSA member of our farm and experience Colorado fruit season with us. Members sign up on our website from March 1-June 15 each year. Please see our pick up site options below.  All CSA sites are up to date for the 2016 season.  We are keeping our fingers crossed for a mild spring, which will bring bushels of bounty to our CSA members!

CSA shares are available from Ela Family Farms in Hotchkiss and at our nine Front Range Farmer’s Market locations.  We also partner with like-minded vegetable farms who offer an optional Ela CSA fruit share alongside their veggie shares. Prices vary based on market closing dates and market limitations. The weekly CSA fruit share suits a family of 2-4 people. The canning share is great for those who want to process fruit while it is in season and enjoy it year round. We often sell out of our prized fruit and our CSA members get first dibs to our harvest.

Because harvest dates are dynamic, flexibility is required. We only include fruit we grow on our farm in our shares. If we are short of one fruit, we will substitute the full retail value with another fruit or our delicious processed goods. We guarantee our fruit and that members receive the full retail value of their share.

While we feel confident in our late season share, the early season portion is a bit more risky. Therefore, members pay only for the late season portion at this time. After the threat of late spring frost passes in late May, we will offer our members the early season share if it is available.

Purchase your CSA share from our online store. For more information, e-mail jeni@elafamilyfarms and let her know where you live to recommend the best Ela fruit share options for you.

Cherry Creek Saturday CSA 2016

Pickup at Cherry Creek Farm Market on Saturday’s


Ela Family Farms Hotchkiss CSA 2016

Pick up Thursday’s at the farm in Hotchkiss


Longmont Farmers Market CSA 2016

Pickup at Longmont Farmers Market on Saturday’s


Boulder Farmer’s Market CSA 2016

Pick up at Boulder Farmers Market on Saturday’s


Ft. Collins’ Old Towne Market CSA 2016

Pick up at Ft. Collins Old Towne Farmers Market on Saturday’s


Golden CSA 2016

Pick up at Golden Farmers Market on Saturday’s


Old South Pearl St. Farmer’s Market CSA 2016

Pick up at Old South Pearl Street Farmers Market on Sunday’s


City Park-Esplanade Farmer’s Market CSA 2016

Pick up at City Park Farmers Market on Sunday’s


Stapleton Farmer’s Market CSA 2016

Pickup at Stapleton Farmers Market in Denver on Sunday’s


If none of our pickup sites is convenient for you, or you want to combine a vegetable and fruit CSA share, please check out our Partner Veggie Farms CSA shares.  Each of those farms has their own vegetable CSA share program and then offers a fruit share from us alongside their own share.  Due to variations with respect to pickup times, dates and seasons, shares costs and contents may vary between our various partners and our own shares.