CSA – Community Supported Agriculture


Our CSA members are our VIPs and prized customers. They are folks in the community who understand the many benefits of eating locally grown food and who are willing to dedicate a portion of their food dollars to support local agriculture. Not only does a CSA put you in touch with your farmer, it puts you in the farm-to-table driver’s seat of experiencing Colorado fruit season in real time. Our direct relationship allows us to ripen fruit on the tree and pick it at its peak of flavor. In turn you experience the amazing flavors of Ela’s world class fruit. We hope that our commitment to peak flavor helps you create local food traditions that you and your loved ones look forward to every year.  

In exchange for your upfront commitment, our CSA members receive top priority to Ela’s fruit harvest. Members who pick up their CSA share directly from us at one of the farmers markets below sign up on our website from March 1-June 15 each year. Alternatively, if you are interested in picking up an Ela Family Farms’ CSA fruit share from one of our like-minded vegetable farms, please see their websites on this page for more details. They often start CSA sign ups in the winter much earlier than we do.

With over 25 pick up sites along the Front Range and a few on the Western Slope, hopefully one works well for you! Click on each site below for complete details. CSA shares are available from Ela Family Farms in Hotchkiss, our eleven Front Range Farmer’s Market locations below and from our partner veggie farms. Prices vary based on date ranges and varying contents.

Purchase your CSA share from our online store.  For more information or if you prefer to pay by check, e-mail jeni@elafamilyfarms. You can also email Jeni to explore some of our partner farm pick up options. Let her know where you live so that she can recommend the best Ela fruit share for you. We hope that you will join us!

Denver Cherry Creek Saturday CSA 2019

Pick up at Cherry Creek Farmers Market on Saturdays


Denver Union Station CSA 2019

Pick up at Denver Union Station Farmers Market on Saturdays


Delaney Farm CSA 2019

Pick up at Delaney Farm on Tuesday’s from 3 pm-7 pm


Potager Restaurant Tuesday pickup 2019

Pick up at Potager Restaurant on Tuesdays from 4-6 p.m.


Ela Family Farms Hotchkiss CSA 2019

Pick up Thursdays after 12 noon at the farm in Hotchkiss. 30753 L Rd, Hotchkiss CO 81419


Longmont Farmers Market CSA 2019

Pick up at Longmont Farmers Market on Saturdays


Boulder Farmer’s Market CSA 2019

Pick up at Boulder County Farmers Market on Saturdays


Ft. Collins Larimer County Farmers’ Market CSA 2019

Pick up at Ft. Collins Old Town Larimer County Farmers’ Market on Saturdays


Golden CSA 2019

Pick up at Golden Farmers Market on Saturdays


Old South Pearl St. Farmer’s Market CSA 2019

Pick up at Old South Pearl Street Farmers’ Market on Sundays


City Park – Esplanade Farmers’ Market CSA 2019

Pick up at City Park Esplanade Farmers’ Market on Sundays


Stapleton Farmers’ Market CSA 2019

Pick up at Stapleton Farmers’ Market on Sundays


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