Fruits we grow & Recipes

Every variety of fruit we sell, we grow right here on our farm.  We believe that eating fruit should be fun and that fruit should entice you to eat it.  A peach should make you bend over so the juice can run down your chin and not onto your clothes!

We work hard to pick varieties of each fruit that are full of flavor, extend that fruits’ season for as long as possible and provide flavor and color variations.  For example, each variety of peach picks for about ten days to two weeks – we plant different varieties that ripen at different times so that we can have an eight week peach season.  Likewise, each apple variety picks at a different time, but also has its’ own unique flavor profile.  Gala’s should be sweet, with hints of banana.  Jonathan’s should be tart and zippy.  Esopus Spitzenburg’s should be spritzy with balanced sweet and tart flavors.  The wonderful thing about apples is that every person has their own favorite taste profile – we do our best to grow a variety that fits you.

Fruit is perishable and we do our best to get it to you as tree ripe as possible, but in good condition.  Check out the care and storage sections for our recommendations of how to keep your fruit in great condition as long as possible.

Likewise, check out our recipes to find fun and unique ways to use fruit beyond just eating it fresh!  If you have a favorite recipe, let us know.

Most of all, we hope we help you develop a sense of the nuances and beauty of all the  different fruits, and even more so, a sense of how real fruit can and should taste.

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