Cherry Varieties


The first cherry of the season for us, Bing has been the mainstay of the cherry industry for many years.  While there are many other varieties out there now, Bing is still a sweet, juicy, full flavored cherry that will delight your taste buds.  When left on the tree to develop a mahogany, rather than just red, color, the sweetness is fully developed.


A mid-season cherry variety, Skeena picks about a week after Bing’s.  They are large, deep red, sweet fruits that have a very firm texture.  Similar to Bing’s, they need to develop a deep, nearly mahagony, red color before they have their full sweetness and flavor.  Picked in mid-July.


A late season cherry that picks at the end of July or early August.  Sweethearts are a large, sweet, full flavored and dense cherry that is a delight with which to finish the season.  Our biggest problem on the farm is beating the birds to them!