Heirloom Tomato Varieties

Dr Wyche’s Yellow

A low acid, very sweet heirloom tomato that is one of our favorites.  They grow to a large size and the yellow color makes them a nice mixer in a plate of sliced tomatoes.  Their shape can be convoluted.  Picked from early August through October.

Black Krim

A deep purple to black heirloom tomato of moderate size.  Black Krim has a rich, tangy flavor with a deep colored flesh.  Picked in early August through October.

Prudens Purple

Despite the name, Prudens Purple is a pink heirloom tomato, with a sweet, less tangy flavor.  They are large sized and produce early in the season.  Some people can be fooled and think they aren’t quite ripe because of the pink color.  Picked from early August through October.