Pear Varieties


Creamy, sweet and wonderful. Many people say they don't like pears because they have never had a good pear. We let our pears develop their sugars on our trees and then pick them so they ripen perfectly. A good pear should have firm texture, but be smooth, juicy and a delight to eat. Look for

Harrow Sweet

A less known variety bred by the Vineland Research Center in Canada.  Picked about three weeks after Bartlett’s, Harrow Sweets are sweeter and have a denser flesh than Bartlett.  At times, the skin can be a bit astringent, so they are best enjoyed peeled.  Unlike Bartlett’s which should be a light yellow when eaten (otherwise they go soft), Harrow’s need to be a hard yellow and give to the touch, otherwise they will be too firm.  The other benefit on the farm is that Harrow Sweet’s are fire blight resistant – a disease that can wipe out other pear trees.  Picked in early October.


A sweet, juicy, smooth textured pear that stores well into the winter. Bosc is known for its russeted skin. Wonderful eaten on its own or with cheese (my favorite is with bleu cheese). Bosc's can be found in late October.