Two Dozen Peaches to AL, GA, IL, IN, KY, LA, MI, MN, OH, or TN

Second day shipping is included in this price for twenty-four fresh off the tree, sweet, juicy peaches. Ever wondered what paradise might taste like? Try our sweet, juicy peaches. They will make your mouth think it has died and gone to heaven! Two dozen peaches, tree ripened and then picked, packed and shipped by 2nd day air to your door. These peaches won’t need to sit on the shelf to ripen - they will be ready to have juice run down your chin the day they arrive. These peaches are attractively packed to make a perfect gift for anyone, including yourself!

The peach season for 2018 was early and fast.  We shipped through the end of August! Thank you to all who ordered!

The peach trees have all been picked, and our 2018 peach shipping season is done. We expect to offer peach gift packs again starting August, 2019!

Price: $148.00

This product has sold out.