Join Grocer Pete Marczyk in this PBS produced Great Ingredients exploration of what goes into a “tree ripe  peach”.  If you want to know what a truly tree ripe peach is, watch to the end for the culminating schloop the peach off the tree shot!


In another episode of PBS produced Great Ingredients, Grocer Pete Marczyk looks at apples and why there can be so much difference between flavors.


This short video, produced by Grocer and Chef Mick Rosacci, looks at our farm and how we produce great tasting fruit.  It covers a quick overview of cover crops, water, thinning and picking with a focus on peaches.


While not specific to our farm, this is a wonderful historical view of the Colorado peach industry.  This movie produced by the Peach Administrative Council was used to market Colorado peaches in the mid-twentieth century.  The film was rediscovered several years ago and digitized thanks to the generosity of Talbott Farms.  It includes original time lapse photography of flowers opening, stilt walkers, and icing down train cars before mobile refrigeration was developed.  We can only aspire to having cheerleaders picking our peaches in the future!